Facts about Myself

I know myself that is why I know the things below. LOL! 100 % LEGIT.

  1. I sometimes forgot to rinse my panty every after bath.
  2. After watching K-drama,I smile like a lunatic before I sleep.
  3. I always like to wash the dishes because I know my mom always hate to do it.
  4. I always have a music played while I take a bath.P.S.I serves as my timer!
  5. I always act innocent.
  6. I like to do things which involves electricity but it always end up with a trauma.
  7. Every time I look myself in the mirror I felt like a fairy committed suicide.
  8. I always have a tattoos corn tube while studying that’s why I always received a scientifeic blah blah from my mother .
  9. When I’m angry I either throw things on someone or bite his or her skin.
  10. I like to sing but singing does not love me.

Just sharing.


Ever been in a situation wherein you are dying to know about the true feelings of a specific person but you are too timid to ask?Here are some signs to ponder it.

  1. He or she always seek for your attention.
  2. He or she change his or her tone of voice when you are talking with each other.
  3. He or she cannot look at you directly in the eyes.
  4. He or she copy your action when you are talking with each other.
  5. His or her friends knows about you.
  6. He or she is very supportive.
  7. He or she knows every single detail about yourself.
  8. He or she do not miss to react in your post on your social media account.
  9. He or she is protective.
  10. He or she always teases you.
  11. He or she is a bit jealous when you mention other guy or girl’s name.
  12. He contacts you first.
  13. He or she laughs a lot when you are around.
  14. He or she treats you differently than he traits his or her friends.
  15. He or she flirts with you.
  16. He or she goes out of his way to spend time with you.
  17. He or she is generally interested in you.
  18. He or she compliments you.
  19. He or she doesn’t mention other man or woman to upset you.
  20. He or she always acts as your savior without you knowing